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As a compassionate Coach, I support and empower you to heal from trauma and painful emotional wounds.

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With a unique combination of expertise and understanding in diverse areas of trauma, I understand how it affects our entire worldview, our relationship with ourselves and others, our whole body, mind and nervous system, and our spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

All of who you are is welcome here

Trauma exists in your employees. It may not be because of your workplace but it is inevitably in the lives of the people working for you. It will affect their work and their relationships just as it affects the rest of their world.


Charli’s Trauma-Conscious Leadership workshops are crucial to helping those further up an organisation understand what trauma is and what it means for their employees. She will help you implement specially crafted changes that will bring about not only healing, but positive transformation in your staff. It can also bring a greater sense of harmony and justice to your organisation as people begin to feel seen and heard.

‘Daring leaders are never silent about hard things.’
- Brené Brown

In this workshop, you and your leaders will learn:


  • What is trauma?

  • How we respond to trauma (trauma/ survival responses)

  • Types of trauma

  • Understanding the nervous system


  • Leadership Attributes 

  • Pillars of Trauma-Informed Practice through a Te Ao Māori lens (3 Ps of Te Tiriti)


You and your colleagues will be forever grateful for this one-day workshop.

I’m driven by a deep passion for freedom and healing, and find immense purpose in witnessing people break free from shame and trauma wounds, enabling you to embrace a life you genuinely love while cultivating self-love and unwavering self-worth.


By providing personalised support, I guide my clients through individual healing pathways, helping you reclaim your power, find emotional strength, and redesign your life after chaos and pain.

Trauma Conscious Leadership
What People Say
Confident Businessman

Charli’s programmes, courses, and general content delivery has far exceeded expectations. She delivers content in a real, approachable, and honest way that removes misconceptions, discusses our perceptions, and challenges the ‘norm’. Charli’s work makes navigating trauma in whatever role you are in less overwhelming and healing and growth focused.

Image by Daria Pimkina

This was an incredible course that allowed conversation and education to flow in a natural way, allowing space for self-reflection, questioning of beliefs, and to grow a much deeper understanding of how trauma impacts our staff, ourselves, and our clients…

Facilitation & Workshops

Book in a professional development workshop for your leadership team or workplace. Contact Charli to enquire and discuss options uniquely crafted for your team.

Trauma-Conscious Leadership Workshops are available throughout the year in different locations, keep an eye out on socials for upcoming dates and how to book your spot.

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Charli McLachlan Emerge Workshop

Vulnerability sometimes doesn’t feel like a ‘safe’ word - people often mistake it for weakness or passivity. But the beauty of vulnerability is that in gently opening up in a safe environment, like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you learn how to become the most authentic version of yourself.


With eight 90-minute small group sessions with Charli, and with the right strategies, nourishing input, and the beauty of self-love, you will learn how to emerge and discover what has always lain within – the real, transformed you.


That is what Emerge is all about. 

‘To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.’
- Crissi Jami

With Charli and her wealth of empathy and education, you will embark on an exciting and awakening 8-week journey of self-exploration, love and incredible healing. Whether you have experienced abuse, a breakdown, burnout or other form of trauma then this is deservedly for you.


Numbers for Emerge are deliberately kept low so that you feel secure connecting with other women and are able to get the most from this course. 


You’ll receive your very own creative workbook designed to aid in self-reflection and to support your own personal journey of recovery and freedom.


No matter where you are in the country or in the world, Emerge has got your back. We now welcome women internationally.

Our modules cover:


  • Resilience and Nervous System Regulation

  • Values 

  • Boundaries 

  • Self-worth

  • Self-compassion 

  • Belonging & Connection 

  • Identity 

  • Dreams 

What People Say

Charli is by far a life changer, I did her Emerge course this year and it is truly transformative, the way the course is constructed and arranged really hits the spot, it makes you go away and realise things about yourself that is different to how you usually would, it’s worth the money and time! Just do it! I can’t believe the changes I made over the 8 weeks - thanks heaps Charli.

Woman with Grey Scarf

I feel safe to step into my own power. To not seek validation but to know my feelings are valid despite what anyone else might think. 

Charli I am so grateful to have met you in this online platform and feel so privileged to have received your knowledge and understanding through this program. Thank you so much for being you and delivering what you do! 

Other Services


Work 1:1 with Charli to experience inner healing and receive genuine support as you navigate the complexities of life and trauma wounds.


Trauma-Informed Supervision for heart-led leaders and those passionate about community wellbeing.


Book Charli to speak at your event.

Charli McLachlan Logo

I love to hold space for brave conversations about a wide range of diverse trauma, and feel especially passionate about some really gritty and less-talked about topics such as, narcissistic abuse, coercive control, religious grooming and deconstruction, abandonment and betrayal, sexual assault and trafficking, family justice, parenting, and trauma bonds. There is no trauma that is too hard for me to explore with you and I understand that each life journey is deeply precious and complex. Your journey is safe with me and together, we’ll navigate what you need in order to attain inner wellbeing and healing.

With an unwavering commitment to freedom, integrity, and justice, I create safe and intentional spaces for clients to explore their deepest wounds and navigate a path to healing and growth. Through a range of effective techniques and proven strategies, I empower you to break free from the chains of your past and create a future of resilience, empowerment, and joy.

Charli McLachlan
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Mount Maunganui beach


"There are few people that walk alongside you in life, who can hold space in such a way that makes you feel accepted in ALL of who you are, safe, heard, valued and respected. Charli is one of these people.  She is authentic in her work and the passion she holds ripples out to those she guides towards healing in self.  I feel very grateful that I got to be a part of her self discovery course.  It helped me to look a little deeper inside of me to explore avenues of life I had not been able to do before. Thankyou for helping me to feel more connected to myself"

“Charli’s programmes, courses, and general content delivery has far exceeded expectations. She delivers content in a real, approachable, and honest way that removes misconceptions, discusses our perceptions, and challenges the ‘norm’. Charli’s work makes navigating trauma in whatever role you are in less overwhelming and healing and growth focused.”
- Community Centre Manager

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Charli McLachlan
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